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Distilled Fatty Acids
Distilled Fatty Acids are the viscous liquids, which characteristically have vegetable oil aroma. These are prepared through the distillation of vegetable oil. The acids are suited for many commercial applications, such as soaps, cosmetics, and detergents.

Oils And Speciality Fats
Oils and Specialty Fats are required for bakery products, processed foods chocolates & confectionery, animal nutrition, dairy products, infant nutrition and pharmaceuticals, etc. These are enriched with essential fats as well as fat-soluble vitamins.

Refined Glycerine USP
The Refined Glycerin USP can be used for making several personal care as well as cosmetic items. These can retain moisture for longer period and are popular as refined and sweet-tasting liquids. These are added in several pharmaceutical products and are appreciable for their non-toxic nature.

Vegetable Fats for the Food Industry
The Vegetable Fats for the Food Industry are utilized to produce compound fat, margarine, etc. These fats can be added into several processed products, such as mustard, potato chips, mayonnaise, salad dressing, French fries, sandwich spread and many others.

Surfactants (Surface Active Agent)
Surfactants (Surface Active Agents) have an important role as emulsifying, foaming, cleaning, wetting, emulsifying, foaming, dispersing, and anti-foaming agents. These have utility in several practical applications. These have numerus applications. 
Linear Alkyl Benzene
The Linear Alkyl Benzene is functional as the colorless organic compounds. It is useful as the intermediate chemicals, suited for the purpose of making industrial cleaning and household agents. It has extensive demand in detergent industry by working as essential raw material.
Fatty Acid Distillates
Supplied Fatty Acid Distillates are functional as the by-products obtained after the refining of edible fats and oils. These are functional as the feed ingredients, and work well on several productive parameters. These are functional on several grounds. 

Edible Oils - Cooking Oils
Edible Oils - Cooking Oils offered by us boast of a good taste and can boost the flavor of food. These are healthy as well as safe to consume. These cooking essentials are utilized for sauté, baking and frying purposes. 

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